Welcome to my little place on the Web. I am so glad you stopped by.  I hope you find something here that will make your heart smile.

My name is Cynthia and I love creating with my hands. Cynzplace was born out of the desire to create and inspire others to create. My hubby John joined me in creating the candles and wood products you see for sale. He has also been known to pick up a pencil and scissors and help out when I need him too.

Most days you will find me creating something with fabric, paper, wood, yarn, chalk or who knows what. I have way too many ideas in my head and not enough hours in the day. I think that is true with most creatives. I try and find humor in each day and if I can’t find it I am sure to create it.

I have lived in the Arizona desert all of my life. I enjoy trips to the mountains and any places where there is an abundance of trees and water. I could seriously sit under the pines trees with the wind blowing in my hair and take a quick nap. I enjoy spending time going through shops to find old vintage treasures.

I hope while you are here that you look around and find something you love. Something I have created, a tutorial, a blog post, or a link to one of my favorite places. It truly blesses me when you stop by.

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