Ribbon Christmas Tree

Quick Christmas Tree Decor

This fun DIY only takes a few supplies and a few minutes to make!

So grab a stick, 2 different colors of wired ribbon, scissors, and  button.

Cut 4 pieces or ribbon of one color and 3 pieces of ribbon of the other color.

Cut them into 7 inch pieces.

Take each piece of ribbon and tie once around the stick. Alternate colors and leave a little space in between each color so you can see the stick.

Take sharp scissors and cut the ends of each piece of ribbon at an angle to make it look like the ends of a bow. Be careful the wire in the ribbon is sharp!

Add a button to the top of the stick with a little glue and there you have it.

A cute simple little tree.

Quick Christmas Tree Decor

Thanks so much for joining me for this little project. If you would like to get a pair of the sharp scissors that I use all the time they can be found on Amazon though my affiliate link at no extra cost to you: 


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