Beach Day but where is the sun?

Hubby and I decided one of our days on vacation would be at the beach. One of favorite places is the Indiana Dunes National Park. I have been a few times and it never disappoints.
I decided to wait and go in the later afternoon so we could watch the sun set. I have seen it before and it is so gorgeous.
Driving the short way to the beach there are  winding roads of beautiful tall trees! But this time there was something different….fog! What in the world was fog doing at the beach in June?
We parked the car, looked at the temperature, and it was a chilly 54 degrees! The skies we’re covered with clouds and the wind was whipping around so fast.  I got out the car and my already Midwest hairdo became a hot flying mess. Y’all remind me to take 
a pony tail band everywhere I go in the Midwest!! It was a tad bit chilly so I grab my sweater and bundled up.  Mind you I had on capris and a  light shirt and flip flops because this was the beach trip after all.
There was a handful of people on the beach and yes some we’re even swimming! 
There were two life guards bundled up in blankets.  
Clearly I am not from the Midwest where the temperature can change at anytime.
It was a beautiful sight seeing the fog rolling in over the trees. And all though I could not see the Chicago skyline it was a beautiful few hours at the beach.  
Above you can see hubby walking along the shore and just enjoying being in his home state. 
This my friends is what brings me joy. Spending time with hubby and seeing him smile and 
talk about the trips here as a kid.
Oh I almost forgot the part about the seagulls and the look out tower. I will have to share that with you in another post.
Until next time friends,

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