All the Midwest Flowers

Hubby and I took our annual road trip from Arizona to his home state of Indiana this past June. 
It is 1,800 miles one way and we always drive. We get to see so much and spend time chatting it up with each other.
As usual I was a picture snapping happy lady! Constantly pointing to my hubby to show him this and that because we just don’t have the same wonderful beauties where I am from.
Can we talk about all the beautiful flowers? Oh my goodness y’all they are everywhere and they are so stunning!
These were literally outside a bank in the parking lot and I looked silly snapping pictures of daisies that had a happy bee
spreading pollen! I waved as people drove by and they probably wondered why I was making a fuss over flowers.
We went for many walks in the forest near where my hubby grew up.  This forest  is where this Arizona girl gets the sticks that 
I use in my crafty creations. Walking among fallen leaves and listening to the St Joseph river in the background is so relaxing.
I stumbled upon these tiny tiny flowers growing in the foliage. I have no idea what they are called but they were so cute! 
Hubby heard a deer near us and I was trying not to be scared, not of the deer but of wondering hopping frogs. 
Oh that is a story for another time.
Now y’all I am not a purple gal. It is my least favorite color. My eyes are not usually drawn to them. I think being around all the beauty,
my eyes really did get to see the prettiest purple ones that I have seen.  These are called Little Bunny Grass. I know this because
there was a painted rock next to them with the name hehe. They just reminded me of something I would see at Easter time.
The last one that I will share with y’all we seen at the zoo we visited.
 I don’t know what they are called, maybe you know, but they were so fragrant. 
Sometimes flowers make my nose sneeze but these did not. 
There was a slight breeze so they were blowing back and forth almost like
they we’re dancing.  
They were soft white and yellow with a few dark pinks thrown in. The leaves are the brightest green I have ever seen and
this lady was touching them to see if they were fake. Yes, yes I was.
I can’t wait to show you all of the things that we seen on our travels to the Midwest.
It is such a blessing that we are able to do this once a year and make so many memories.
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